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Smoothie popsicles, and the scary truth about juice

September 19, 2010

OK, so I planned to publish this sometime during the summer, but kinda sorta never got around to it-ish… I guess popsicles aren’t a very typical autumn food, but they’re yummy and healthy and easy to make. And could possibly assist you in being in denial about the rain and wind outside.

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Post about apple browning updated!

May 30, 2010

The post I wrote about why apples turn brown when cut has been updated with a little experiment!

The updated post is here!

Ad vs reality: Dr. Oetker’s Casa di Mama Trio di Carne

May 17, 2010

First comparison post! We had pizza on Saturday, and I bought one I haven’t tried before. And actually: it wasn’t too different from the picture on the box:

(click on the image for a larger version)

Brighter colours on the box, and more herbs. Slightly gooey-er cheese on the real pizza. Apart from that, this is not bad at all. There’s even the same amoun of toppings! It somehow looks yummier on the box, but i’m not sure why.

Ad vs reality

May 17, 2010

I’m starting up a new series of articles that investigate the difference between the photographs of food used in advertisements and menus, and the real product. This phenomenon should be familiar to most people – who hasn’t opened a box of something yummy-looking and then went “…oh…” when seeing the actual food?

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Friday means beer and sausages, and some Latin

May 14, 2010

Surprise, surprise – I haven’t updated this blog as often as I wanted to. I am currently working on an article that is taking a bit of research, but it should be done pretty soon. Hint: it will be about burgers and mold. Yum.

Today’s little post is about how to combine some of the greater things in life: sausages and beer. Here in Norway we mostly use German style sausages like Wiener, Bratwurst, Frankfurter etc, and it’s common to simmer or grill them. Mostly people simmer them in water, but beef stock is also used. Today I tried simmering in beer, and it works quite well!

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Friday silliness

April 30, 2010

Fridays are the start of the weekend, which means you probably deserve a nice treat. How about a lovely chocolate moose?

What to do when you fuck up your boyfriend’s birthday cake

April 26, 2010

Let’s say that it is your boyfriend’s birthday, and that you’ve decided to bake him a cake. You’re trying a new recipe, a simple one. One of those sticky, “uncooked” chocolate cakes. You make the dough, slam it in the oven – so far, so good.

Let’s then assume it’s lunch time. It says in the recipe that the cake is supposed to bake for 20 – 25 minutes, so you set the timer to 25 minutes, grab you food and the computer, and head for the living room. Let’s imagine that while you eat you watch an episode of your favourite anime, an episode that is exceptionally funny and interesting. So you forget that you probably should check out how the cake is doing after 15 minutes. You just leave it in there for 25 minutes…which also happens to be the average length of an anime episode.

Then you go into the kitchen. And the cake that according to the recipe should still liquid on the inside, now looks like this:


[insert dramatic music of doom]

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