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About noms and sciunce

Oh hai!

This blog is an attempt to merge the two wonderful worlds of cooking and of science. I’ll post everything from my everyday dinner recipes and fancy desserts, to criticisms and corrections of common misconceptions about food, eating and diet as well as some fun facts every now and then.

Sharing recipes and discussing food is always fun. And as a scientifically interested person I easily get annoyed by the amount of myths and different pseudosciences that about this topic, and how often these are recited without any hint of criticism or reference to research.

Am I an expert in this topic? Absolutely not, I am an archaeologist. Which is also my point: anybody with a questioning and rational attitude can find fun and correct information about food and nutrition – at least at a basic level. You don’t have to be an expert, and you don’t have to believe everything you read.

Combining nibbles and knowledge,

rations and rationality,

snacks and skepticism,

digestion and discussion,

eating and experiments,

diet and debunking,

aliments and academics,

recipes and research,

intake and investigation,

refreshments and rants

puns and not knowing when to stop.

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